Zigback Blocker 1.10

No Image The zigback blocker is a small, windows internet explorer application that turns your browser into a virtual environment; limiting the web sites that can be visited only to those provided on our homepage. The zigback blocker was designed to work with ourpre-approved list of authorized web sites only, and any web site that is not on the approved list; will be blocked from loading. What`s great about our virtual environment is that parents don`t

Speedo X-Cart Entry Page Generator 1.1: Easily create your X-Cart entry page or an entry page for any site.
Speedo X-Cart Entry Page Generator 1.1

Easily create your X-Cart entry page or an entry page for any site. Add a logo, description, meta tags in a WYSIWYG environment. Designed to create an entry page for X-Cart, but will also create entry page for any web site. Create a search engine friendly entry page in a WYSIWYG environment. FTP to your server with one click. Includes an HTML Tutorial.

search engine, doorway page, index page, entry page

UCleanWindows 4.0: UcleanWindows can keep your windows files clean.
UCleanWindows 4.0

environment to the virtual system environment,Users will work under virtual system environment,so as to keep the real system clean. Application field: (1) If you don’t want Viruses, Trojan and malicious software to destroy system data,you can use UcleanWindows.Because system will restore after reboot. (2)Your system always get running slowly with the increasing of your using time, because the system junks are becoming more and more.If you don’

shadow, ucleanwindows, security, clean, virtual system

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ShareNet 1.0

ShareNet is a web based application which runs on your local PC, giving you a feature rich environment for accessing the Internet, creating content, and sharing your experiences with friends. ShareNet`s main goal is to provide a collaborative environment where internet content can easily accessed, and shared with your friends.

favorites, favourites, favourites organizer, favorites organizer, sharenet, bookmark manager, bookmarks, internet favorites

LanTalk XP 2.93.74: Effective communications for the office and home environment.
LanTalk XP 2.93.74

Effective communications for the office and home environment. If you work in a busy environment and need to communicate with others in the office, or maybe even colleagues in another building, make life easy for yourself and install LanTalk. LanTalk enables you to talk in real time to anybody on the same computer network, as long as they too have the application. LanTalk has been specifically designed for the office.

instant messenger, send, project managment, lantalk, sticky, popup, winpop, net send, local area network, lan messenger, lan chat, lanchat, netsend

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RiadaBillboard 1.13

RiadaBillboard: Complete web slideshow/banner rotation environment. Rotate banners, slideshows, advertisements, images, photos, billboards and panels with over 20 eye catching transitions! Includes sizzling effects such as fades, checkers, scrolls and random transitions. Easily complete projects in just minutes using the simple Design Environment - select banners, specify the transition, then publish the completed slideshow project - Simple!

riada, advertisement, animated panel, billboard, java banner, image scroller, rotator, banner rotation, slideshow, slide show

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jwaBlogger 1.2

jwaBlogger is an easy to configure, setup, customize, and use social links and blogging environment similar to sites like Digg, Buzzup, DZone, The Server Side, Slashdot, etc. jwaBlogger also makes for a nice personal blogging environment.

postgresql, servlet, java server pages, hibernate, hsql, oracle, persistence, jdbc, database, mysql, web development, web application

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